Interested in 4-H?

posted Jul 31, 2011, 2:53 PM by Tassajara4-H Admin   [ updated Sep 21, 2011, 6:35 PM ]

Head, Heart, Hands, Health.  Growing Youth who Thrive.

4-H helps young people to reach their full potential as competent, confident, leaders of character who contribute and are connected to their communities.

4-H serves youth throughout California in urban, suburban and rural communities.

In 4-H, youth design and participate in their own programs and activities. This unique learn-by-doing model teaches essential skills that youth will use throughout their lives, such as identifying sparks, desiring knowledge, setting goals, self-reflection, adapting to new situations, communicating, and responding to the needs of others.

To learn more about 4H, visit the California 4-H website at       You may use the Find a 4-H club near you! pull-down menu at the lower right of the home page to search for clubs and meeting locations in Contra Costa or other Counties.

For questions regarding Tassajara 4-H (one of eight 4-H community clubs in Contra Costa County), visit our website or contact our Club Leaders via the Contact Us link.