Community Service


Bay Coast Area

Besides the club meetings and project activities, Tassajara 4-Hers are involved in various events at the club, city, county and state level.   These events enable the 4-H member to put to practice the skills they have learned in their project meetings, gain experience in collaboration, leadership, planning and presention, representing Tassajara 4-H to local communities, merchants and the general public and to meet 4-Hers from other local clubs and counties.

Club Events include such activities as garage sales, dances, movie nights and more.

Community Service the club typically does one or more Community Service activities each month.  Examples would be: poster hanging for city sponsored events, Holiday gift creation and collection, Warm Coat collection and distribution, and the very popular Petting Zoos we hold at local community events.

County Events typically occur at least once per month, and include Achievement Awards Night, Presentation Day, Food Fiesta, Fashion Review, Showmanship Clinic, Field Day, Leadership Retreat and Record Books. See the County 4-H site for details.

Regional Events (Note: starting Summer 2016 4-H "Sections" are transitioning to "Regions" and will have a different management structure.  The following text described Sectional activities, at least some of them will likely continue as Regional activities.  This paragraph will be updated as more information becomes available).  4-H in California is divided into 4 sections, Contra Costa County is within the North Central Sectional group.  Sectional is responsible for putting on Sectional Presentation Day, Consumer & Family Science Field Day, Creating a Leader Conference, and Citizenship Weekend.   Each event has planning committee opportunities for youth and adult to get involved and for youth to earn leadership points for being on a committee, being a youth chair, or officer of the youth council..   Youth can be on the youth council and become officers.  Middle school and up are ideal age to start participating.

Sectional meets in various counties and are about an hour drive away.  Occasionally, it is a bit further.  However, we are lucky in that we are fairly centrally located and most meetings are close.   Sectional meets every other month. 

September begins the year and committees form, youth pick what they want to help plan and may run for youth council positions.   If you just want to see what it's all about, you are welcome to attend.

State Events include such activities as State Field Day, State Leadership Retreat and Record Books. See the State 4-H site for details.