County Events

Contra Costa County 4-H hosts annual countywide events, these are a great way to meet members from other clubs and expand your 4-H knowledge! Information provided by the county is available here!

2020-2021 Dates are not yet announced, approximate months of annual events are listed below 


Achievement Night: Saturday, November 14th  7:00pm (Virtual)

Achievement Night is where 4-H members receive their awards and recognition for the previous 4-H year. These include Star Ranks, Special Awards, and Scholarships, as well as a fun 4-H slide show with pictures from the various clubs.

Project Skills Day: January 30, 2021 10:00am - 2:00pm (Virtual)

Practice your public speaking skills in preparation for Presentation Day! Members get valuable feedback from the judges on ways to improve their presentations. All presentations at this event must be educational displays. 

Food Fiesta: January 

With super fun themes and categories, there is no limit to the food you can enter at food fiesta! Competition include, sweet, savory, table settings, and themed! The 2019 theme is Space so hop on your spaceship and join us for a yummy day! 


Presentation Day: February 27, 2021 Time 9:00am Registration

County Presentation Day is where 4-H members give a presentation to a panel of judges. Presentations can be given in a variety of styles and topics. Gold winners at county presentation day advance up to the area or statewide competitions. Guidelines for all presentations that can be found here.   


Showmanship Clinic: March 

Interested in showing an animal at fair? Showmanship clinic is the event for you! Learn how to show both large and small livestock including goat, lamb, swine, horse, cattle, rabbit, poultry, pygmy goat, and steer! Come learn from the best of the best in this educational hands on clinic. 


Stills Exhibit: April 

A branch of fashion revue, stills exhibit showcases other aspects of art. Categories range from photography, to Lego's and rocketry. Showcase your hobby at this event and bring home a ribbon! Each participant must present in 60-100 words why and how they made and/or chose the item on display. 


Fashion Revue: April 

If fashion is your passion then Fashion revue is the event for you! Whether you are a beginner sewer, or a master designer, compete with members across the county to earn a spot at state fashion revue!


4-H Camp: June 

Las Posadas 4-H camp is an overnight camp for members of the Contra Costa County. Surrounded by the beautiful Las Posadas forest, 4-H camp is a great way to reflect upon your 4-H experience and make lifelong friends. At camp, members participate in fun activities including arts and crafts, stem, fun in the forest and others. Interested in more information? Click here! Camp 2018 slideshow can be viewed here!

County Event Slideshow: