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How to Enroll in Tassajara 4-H

Note: 4hOnline will be down for maintenance until July 18!

All enrollment steps will be completed and/or reviewed at our club registration day for 2022-23. Please sign up for our Info List at the "Get Involved" tab!

Step 1: Create a profile in 4hOnline

Members are grouped by Family in the 4hOnline system. Therefore, if you or another immediate family member have been previously enrolled in 4-H, you already have a Family Profile in the 4hOnline system.  Renewing members must re-enroll yearly by December 31st. If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian enter the information.

Renewing Member/Family Enrollment  OR  New Member/Family Enrollment.

Step 2: Submit program fees

Mail your program fees payment to:

Tassajara 4-H Club

P.O. Box 2513

San Ramon, CA 94583

Or you may pay online with a credit card at: Online Payment Portal

4-H Enrollment Fees for 2022-23 are $155 for youth members if paid online with a credit card, and $150 for the cash/check discount price.  Adult Volunteers enrollment fee if paid online with a credit card is $31, and cash discount price will be $30. The Club Leaders will log into 4hOnline to confirm when payments are received so your enrollment can be processed.

Step 3: Get activated

Once the Contra Costa County 4-H Office staff reviews the enrollment, you will receive an email sent to your Family email account to confirm your enrollment status as Active. 

Once your membership is active, you can participate in 4-H events and activities!

Step 4: Projects

Project sign-ups will 

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