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A 4-H project is:

  • Planned work in an area of interest to the 4-H member.

  • Guided by a 4-H adult volunteer who is the project leader.

  • Aimed at planned objectives that can be attained and measured.

  • Summarized by some form of record keeping.

  • A minimum of six hours of project instruction.


Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. Members enrolling for the first time should be encouraged to take on only one or two projects. As members gain experience, the size of the project may be increased or additional projects may be selected. Some project groups meet once a week. Others meet once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide the members in gaining knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits needed to complete their work successfully.

Here is the list of Projects for our 2022-23 program year 

Club members normally select their projects at the first Community Meeting. Members and their parents should determine whether they can commit to the Project meeting times and dates (by talking with the Project Leader) prior to signing up for a Project. 

Interested in becoming a Project Leader?

Adults who are interested in becoming a Project Leader should contact the Tassajara Club Leaders for details.

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